Whitepaper 2.0

Solving the Data Selling Problem of Social Networks


Professional social networks are fuelled by personal data of their users. This data is collected for free, with users agreeing to the Terms & Conditions not realizing their data will be sold and their privacy and security potentially breached.

Reworking the data/money flow model of the largest social networking platforms allows us to create a new, mutually beneficial system, where both users and businesses receive what they want. Reward-based crypto network Snovian.Space removes the problem of user data exploitation, and offers both users and businesses a way to generate profit through direct connection.

No paid plans, no data reselling, no spamming or unreliable connections - only highly-targeted, interested leads and crypto incentives for users to share their knowledge, experience, opinions, and time.

Snovian.Space was created for professionals of every niche, be it marketing, crypto, tech, HR, or any other field.

1. Introduction

When social networks first appeared in the late 90s, few could predict their growth into the giants of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes. Taking over our everyday life may have connected the world in an unprecedented way, but the behind-the-scenes have never been open to simple users.

The colossal amounts of data collected by and running through these social networking websites are isolated and used to generate profit by the platforms and anyone else willing to pay to glimpse into what it holds. Sold to third parties, used to manipulate, collected without consent or reimbursement, users’ data has powered corporations for years. It’s the new oil fuelling the digital economy.

The lack of control over and reimbursement for the data collected from the users is the problem Snovian.Space aims to solve through the decentralized crypto incentive model.

2. The Problem

Social networks have a data problem, and it’s become even clearer in the last few years. Users take what’s given and individual disapproval of platform policies rarely leads to anything. Which is why we wanted to present an alternative to those desperately seeking it.

Professional social networks are used by specialists, companies, entrepreneurs, and anyone trying to form valuable connections across vast swaths of industries. Around half a billion users upload their private data with absolutely no compensation, a link to a profile and a digital business card being the only things you get from this deal.

What is vexing is the presence of Premium Plans on these platforms. Let’s take a look at a real example - LinkedIn. It offers premium plans through which it sells access to your private data to other users, who are then allowed to search the entire colossal database with very few restrictions, and are provided with a number of InMails - a way to contact any user.

Meanwhile, free profiles are limited in their mailings and significantly restricted in their searches, despite having provided the same amount of valuable personal data. This makes it hard to contact the people you need or generate a targeted, responsive audience.

When it comes to using users’ personal data, LinkedIn makes in excess of $450 million in advertising alone. When Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016, they paid around $260 per individual's data, with 500 million active users and counting.

And they’re not the only ones taking advantage of this system. Facebook and Twitter subsist entirely off of selling user data to the highest bidder. No matter how much they make in profits, users don’t see a cent of it.

It’s important to note that this idea is nothing new - it’s a present-day concept of data contributors. Except, instead of providing other people’s data for a reward, you’re providing your own, for free.

From here, we face two major problems:

  1. Difficulty building interested, responsive, highly-targeted audiences
  2. Lack of compensation for data collected and used for profit by the platform.

These problems are deeply intertwined, meaning they can be mutually solved.

3. Solution Overview

3.1 Data And Money Flow

The principal idea behind our solution is the shifting of the data/money flow.

Currently, every participant in the data/money flow is separated and used for maximum profit by the final beneficiary - the platform. In the end, the data collected by the platform for free is generating profit from at least three sources - big data companies, marketing & advertising departments, and premium users.

Collected personal data (of both free and premium users) is sold to big data companies (DataSift, Experian plc, Factual etc.) or directly to Marketing & Advertising departments and recruiters, who then pay extra for ad placement on the platform, targeted at the users who provided the data in the first place. Premium users also buy access to the profiles of other users for similar purposes.

The solution we are offering will reroute the data and money flow to benefit both the users and businesses.

On Snovian.Space, users will be in charge of what data to share, with whom and for how much. This access and the subsequent connection will be rewarded by the data/access recipient (companies, marketing & advertising departments, other users) directly.

There are no paid plans or hidden payments to the platform. The absence of the flawed tiered system will allow for easier connections and more mutually beneficial shared information.

This model solves the following problems:

  1. Personal data collection: users are in charge of their own data, the platform will not be collecting or selling any data to third parties. We also won’t be using data collected from our sister platform
  2. No payment to the user: users will set their own reward and get paid for their data, attention or performing micro tasks.
  3. Bad data: companies, marketers, ICOs and users will get highly targeted leads firsthand, bypassing big data companies.
  4. Paid plans: absence of paid plans means users are free to search the user database and contact whoever they need.
  5. Unreliable connections: marketers and ICOs will only receive genuinely interested leads, while users will build deeper connections for future collaborations, partnerships or job opportunities.
  6. Spamming: Users will only receive the messages they are interested in.

This mutual benefit will create better, stronger connections between users and businesses.

3.2 How Snovian.Space Works

Snovian.Space is for both individual users and businesses.

For individual users, Snovian.Space is a place to find other professionals in their industry, be it crypto, tech, or other niche, and create new connections to propel their career, find collaborators, mentors, advisors etc. Users will be able to monetize their knowledge and experience, finding people who are interested in what they have to share.

For businesses, the platform creates a unique opportunity to connect with their target audiences directly, creating deeper, more personalized relationships. Businesses will be able to find leads just as easily as before, except here all their leads will be genuinely interested in their offer - either their product, service, or ICO.

As opposed to shaky reliance on “shared connections”, whom the user may have met once at a conference and forgotten immediately afterwards, Snovian.Space connects people directly, while businesses can actually pay users when they want to message them.

For example, when post-ICO and ICO-stage businesses want to contact a new audience, they can do it by offering SNOV tokens, which can be bought for ETH. The platform will be using Smart Contracts and Ethereum ecosystem to automatically distribute 3rd party tokens attached to messages during airdrops.

The incentivized user connection process will go as follows:

  1. User joins Snovian.Space platform, fills their profile with bio, skills and contact information. The more information the User adds the bigger reward they can get.
  2. Users browse Snovian.Space user database and can create their custom target audience or select among predefined Groups.
  3. Once the User/Business wants to contact another User (for example, with an upcoming pre-ICO promo), they set a reward for Users they want to contact.
  4. If the reward satisfies the targeted User, they receive it to their ETH wallet and the User/Business can present them with their offer.
  5. If the User replies to the paid message, a Connection is created between the two profiles. The User will receive messages for as long as the Connection is there.
3.3 The User Profile

When the User registers on the platform, they receive a personal profile similar to those on other social networks. The User gets rewarded by adding data to their profile: the more complete their profile is, the higher price they can set for other users to access it. This includes their professional skills, personal interests, and other social profiles.

Other social profiles are used to confirm the user’s identity and keep the bots out of the platform. We incentivise users who create accounts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google with a higher minimum reward. Each User must link their ETH wallet to their profile through MetaMask to receive their rewards.

4. The Benefits

Snovian.Space is simple, transparent and equitable for all.

4.1 Benefits for Individual Users

Data control is the cornerstone of the network. All data is in the hands of the User. Data is currently stored in a regular database, with upcoming Snovian.Space version using blockchain networks to keep data decentralized.

Users will have an unlimited freedom to view and choose from the user database. This opens new opportunities for everyone from marketing specialists and ICO founders to tech professionals and crypto project CEOs looking for collaborators or employees.

The incentive model means users will get paid for their experience, knowledge, and, essentially, their time. Micro-tasks, like joining a Telegram chat or replying to a message, will be rewarded.

4.2 Benefits for Businesses

Being able to create custom audiences and contact ideal candidates in a timely and efficient manner is vital for any business.

Complete access to user database means businesses can create highly targeted audiences, marketing directly to interested leads, capturing exactly the audience they need, and gaining loyal clients. Direct connection also helps bypass big data services, and businesses no longer have to pay outrageous fees to get uncertain data.

Additionally, Snovian.Space offers a way to significantly improve your statistics: what might have ordinarily been a cold email, now will have much higher open rates, because the recipients are paid (with SNOV or any other crypto) just for reading the message. Responding to the message can also be incentivized.